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Standing desk - Tystnad

Standing desk - Tystnad

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Tystnad is a combination of elegant Swiss Forbo furniture linoleum and durable solid wood, which contributes to the unique appearance and durability of the furniture. The unique surface of the tabletop ensures extraordinary comfort of work - without leaving fingerprints. Additionally, the countertop surface is pleasant to the touch and the environment, which has a positive effect on the quality of the user's work.


This desk model is not only an aesthetic, but also a practical solution. Linoleum, thanks to its durability, is an excellent countertop covering that is resistant to damage, fingerprints and is easy to clean. In addition, its natural ingredients are environmentally friendly, which makes linoleum desks a popular choice among people looking for eco-friendly furniture.

As standard, Danish Linak actuators with an extremely precise and quiet mechanism are used.

Rozmieszczenie elementów

Forbo linoleum

Forbo Furniture Linoleum is a completely natural material of resin origin, a significant part of it is recycled content.

A completely natural composition and a special protective coating make Linoleum a naturally antistatic collection. The surface resistant to the accumulation of static charges prevents dirt and dust from sticking, and is pleasant and natural to the touch and has another advantage:there are no fingerprints on it.

A wide range of colors allows for full individualism and creating your own unique desk.

Oak wood

Specially selected wood of Polish origin, of the highest quality available, is subjected to a series of processes that bring out its natural beauty and durability for many years. The countertops are made of solid boards, long the entire width of the countertops, without a stucco effect.

Birch plywood

Plywood is made of layers of birch veneers arranged alternately and glued with resin glue. It is characterized by high durability and modern design.

Control panel 1C

Awarded with a design award Red Dot a panel with a digital display allows you to adjust it up or down, while presenting the countertop height value on the panel screen.
Additionally, it displays notifications about recommended position changes and messages, with the option to turn them off at any time.

Depending on the selected program, the orange light suggests changing your position at the desk.

  • Bluetooth
  • 4-position memory
  • Auto-Drive function
  • Reminder
  • Application for phone and computer
  • Functional LED light strip Display

1M control panel

The tabletop can be controlled with a delicate gesture by tilting the panel up or down.

Depending on the selected program, the orange light suggests changing your position at the desk.

  • Bluetooth
  • Memory for 2 positions
  • Auto-Drive function
  • Reminder
  • Application for phone and computer
  • Functional LED

Cable groomet

The element we designed makes it easier to keep order and organize cables. It allows you to route cables under the countertop in the most aesthetic way. The flap is flush with the surface, so we maintain a perfectly smooth countertop.

The element has a hidden magnet, thanks to which the flexible cables always stay in place.

Total width 16.6×4.6 cm. Cable light 12×1 cm.

Cable cover

It solves the problem of tangled wires, while allowing you to aesthetically hide all the cables under the desk.

Designed for comfort and easy access, the channel opens at both the front and rear.
Optionally, you can place an 8x230V power strip in it, thanks to which only one power cable will come out of the desk, which makes it the most minimalist solution.

The length of the cable channel is adjusted to the size of the countertop. The internal space allows you to hide, among others: MacBook power supply. It is a modern and necessary solution to obtain a fully organized and functional desk.

Ambient lighting

Provide yourself with a unique and pleasant atmosphere depending on your mood or time of day. Control is via an elegant remote control or telephone. Our Lightbeam design solution is characterized by a perfectly uniform light line, a deep color palette and long service life. We believe that appropriate lighting can transform any interior.

The lighting is hidden in the rear edge of the countertop. If you choose beveled sides, the back one remains straight.

The length of the light strip corresponds to the entire length of the tabletop minus 5 cm on each side. The lighting is built in an aluminum profile.

Control via the TUYA smarthome is optionally available.


  • System Deskwise & Linak
  • Adjustment range 59-127 cm - 150 kg
    69-120 cm - 100 kg
  • Frame spacing Foot length for countertop depth : :
    below 60 cm - 38 cm
    60 cm up to 90 cm - 58 cm
    over 90 cm - 68 cm

    The length of the gutter for the width of the countertop : :
    below 120 cm - 60 cm
    120 cm up to 160 cm - 90 cm
    over 160 cm - 120 cm
  • Countertop thickness 22 mm - solid oak
    20 mm - birch plywood
  • Regulation Extremely smooth, linear and very quiet
  • Materials Forbo linoleum, wood, steel, electronics
  • Finish Semi-matt varnish with increased resistance on the wooden side
    The work surface is finished with furniture linoleum of natural origin
  • Guarantee 5 years


What is the time to process the order?

up to 3-5 weeks

Is it possible to make a different size of the countertop?

Of course, just contact us to prepare an offer and discuss the details of the project.

Is it possible to track the parcel?

Yes, when the order is ready, you will receive an SMS notification and a link to track the package.

Is assembly complicated?

Very simple. We designed our products with very simple, yet satisfying installation in mind. Assembling the desk should take several minutes, including connecting the cables.

Is it possible to add or create non-standard solutions, such as additional shelves or a unique shape.

Of course, just contact us to prepare an offer and discuss the details of the project.

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