Welcome to Deskwise

Deskwise is a leading designer and manufacturer of products that improve the health and comfort of working life.

At Deskwise, people are the most important value. We respect family values ​​and the Work Life Balance philosophy. Our vision applies to both our clients and the people who make up the Deskwise family.

That is why we are able to meet the greatest expectations of our customers, who can rely on our reliability and durability of products while maintaining unique design.

Our award-winning office solutions, including the use of Forbo furniture linoleum in variable height products, inspire movement and are helpful to the user in any position.

The experience gained over recent years on the Polish and European markets allows our team of designers and qualified sales managers to help you go through the purchasing process and advise on even the smallest details.

  • Functionality

    We want our products to be as functional as possible,
    and thus improve the conditions of the home and professional environment.

  • Harmony with the surroundings

    We use the highest quality materials sourced in Europe, which allows us to reduce our impact on the environment. All our products, from desks to the smallest accessories, are manufactured locally - in Poland.

    The products are shipped in recyclable flat packaging.


Deskwise focuses on a vision where functionality and aesthetics work harmoniously to transform home office and office spaces for the better. Our mission is to be a leader in the office furniture industry that not only looks good, but also effectively responds to the various needs of employees, integrating with their work style.

We strive to constantly adapt to changing needs by introducing intelligent solutions, always operating transparently and in accordance with the principles of ergonomic design. Our internal design team is based on cooperation and openness to unusual approaches, which allows us to effectively explore new directions. Thanks to this, we create innovative solutions that constitute the foundation of the future of office furniture design.

The beginnings of history.

Year 2018.
One of the founders, after graduating, started his first job as a designer in a company producing equipment for ships called floating cities. Many hours of sitting work, overtime and weekends spent while still a novice stimulated his mind to come up with a certain solution - desks for sitting and standing work. The market was unable to respond to the requirements, so there was only one solution.

At the same time, the second founder was on the other side of the world, caring for a merchant container ship.

“I grabbed the phone, regardless of what time it was in Shanghai or whether the ship had network coverage, and dialed my friend's number. I presented my idea, and after a moment of reflection, Rafał decided that he was into it, and that's how Deskwise was created," says Bartek.

We took our first steps by learning how to select the best materials available on the market
and searching for partners who will meet our high quality expectations. After many years of cooperation, we have full confidence in them, thanks to which we are confident in the products and solutions offered.

The period of the pandemic brought a huge, but also forced experience for owners, when the market responded with demand for office furniture for apartments, which, in addition to practicality,
and ensure a healthy position, they were simply supposed to be nice and match interior design standards. The following years on the market allowed us to establish partnerships with companies in larger cities such as Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Kraków and Lublin.

The brand was built in Poland, but also
using Polish materials and Western European components. Together with our clients, we strive to make the world appreciate how much Polish business has to offer.

With love from Deskwise Made in Poland 🇵🇱

  • “The domain of a true Engineer is the ability to solve problems - of all kinds. Add to this the phenomenon of synergy resulting from a great team, and we have a recipe for the perfect solution.”

    Bartosz Małdziński

    Founder & CEO, Industrial Designer

  • "By designing perfection, I create innovation - every detail has the potential for revolution."

    Rafał Marynowski

    Co-founder, Mechanical engineer, Patron of Sophisticated Design