Nie spojrzysz już na krzesło tak samo.

You won't look at a chair the same way again.

Evolution has been with us since the beginning of time. Homo habilis - this is the first species of Homo that was the first to be recognized as the creator of stone tools. It appeared about 2.5 million years ago. Looking through the entire development path, up to homo sapiens, we can see that the human species adapts to the conditions around it. Homo sapiens, to which we have belonged for 200,000 years. years also varies. However, changes caused by unnatural factors in a relatively short period of time are not evolutionary, but destructive - for us.

The human body tends to adapt to the environment in which it lives. A simple example is the stimuli caused by exercise and an appropriate diet, thanks to which we gain muscle mass. If we take a closer look at this condition, we will also notice that working conditions also affect our posture. People who have worked at a desk all their lives are different from those who have worked physically. They are characterized by sunken shoulder blades, a neck bent forward, poorly developed arm and leg muscles and, in many cases, overweight, all because the sitting position is unnatural.

However, the above changes do not go unnoticed for our health. At the Department of Ergonomics at Cornell University (one of the most prestigious American universities), researchers found that up to 90% more pressure is placed on the lower back in a sitting position. Therefore, back pain in most cases is caused by inappropriate positions and prolonged sitting - according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

In addition to the changes that we can see with the naked eye, there are also those that take place inside the body. Sitting also slows down your metabolism by up to 90% after just 30 minutes. After 2 hours, the level of good cholesterol, which is responsible for proper blood circulation, decreases by 20%. As metabolism decreases, all processes such as concentration and the ability to think creatively and analytically slow down. This has biological justification, because the most important building block of the brain is the BDNF protein produced during body movement. By reducing the time spent sitting during the day, we ensure regeneration and the creation of new connections between nerve cells.

The most important thing is to find balance in everyday life. Due to the lifestyle we live in - focusing on the effective use of time for intellectual self-development, the development of our own businesses, the pursuit of increasing earnings - we forget about this important aspect. Our body.

Awareness based on scientific research has led to long hours of sitting being eliminated from all possible areas or its side effects being eliminated by the latest technological achievements.

This is where electrically adjustable desks come from. They support working while standing and do not force us into one position, as their adjustment takes a few seconds and the change takes place at the touch of a button with your finger. Another advantage is the perfect adjustment to the user's height and build. It can be a desk for a laptop or desktop computer. Thanks to current technology, these solutions, in addition to functionality, have an additional value - beauty. Each manufacturer offers something unique, but this field is just developing on the market, which gives us room to show off :) We offer not only simple tabletop solutions with an electric frame, but also a range of materials - Forbo furniture linoleum, wooden plywood, solid wood, veneers and amenities - induction holds, media port and ambient lighting. A height-adjustable desk can be fully personalized and individual, just as you dream of it.

Thanks to stimulation by the Land Rover - Range Rover - Jaguar seat with variable shape geometry, your body will "think" that it is in motion.

We have known car seat massages for a long time from luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Bentley or Rolce Roys. A large company that has also started an unequal fight against a sedentary lifestyle is Land Rover - Range Rover - Jaguar. In its future models, it intends to introduce an armchair whose muscle stimulation imitates walking. Moreover, the manufacturer guarantees that this solution will not cause any discomfort, and the movements of the actuators hidden under the upholstery are to be subtle. The most important thing, however, is what prompted the company to adopt this solution - research showing that the tendency of a sedentary lifestyle is increasing and its effects are unfavorable for us. The Jagura Group also conducted this research on its own.

Another aspect confirming the thesis of health problems related to the spine, such as hyperlordosis, are employers who, as part of their offer, guarantee massages, even for travel to their employees' homes. This trend comes from Western Europe, but it can be noticed that larger companies already provide such facilities on the Polish market.

It's time, time to take care of yourself, time to change stereotypes and habits. Analyze with a clear conscience how many hours a day you spend sitting - at a desk, on a chair, in an armchair, in a car, on a bus or train, in a cinema, a cafe, a restaurant, in a waiting room, in front of the TV, at a hairdresser's or beautician's, you can to go on and on. Make changes in your everyday life - a walk instead of one or two tram stops, stairs instead of an elevator, standing-sitting intervals when working at a desk.

“This micro change in the environment will bring macro effects in health and well-being!”

- this is the motto of Justyna Jakubczyk, who is a dancer in business and an expert in combining the work of body and mind. It unsticks people from their chairs to make them think in motion and act creatively. She created her own workshop program for companies, Body Movement & Design Thinking, which teaches employees to think from the customer's perspective when creating services and products.

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