Czy nasz wybór coś zmieni?

Will our choice change anything?

In Central Europe, paper is the most frequently recycled raw material, but recycling rates vary greatly between countries. Many countries still deposit huge amounts of waste in landfills, thereby not using valuable raw materials.

Most of the packaging from which we unpack new headphones, laptops or Christmas gifts ends up in the trash. They have one-time use. Thanks to the media, government programs and companies responsible for waste management planning, we are becoming more and more aware of the problems we create with the additional waste we produce.

It may seem that the most difficult thing for us to understand is the scale of this problem. When the waste concerns one person or even a house, it will not change the world, but if the number of such houses is multiplied by the inhabitants of the district, voivodeship and country, millions of tons of waste are created, which we either store, burn in waste incinerators, process or reuse.


At Deskwise, we believe in the power of recycling! We pack furniture in cardboard boxes that have been processed and adapted exclusively from waste paper. What matters to us is generating as little additional and unnecessary waste as possible. Of course, the priority is for the furniture to arrive undamaged, which is why the packaging materials were selected to meet all durability standards.

Life is constant choices and it is up to us how much we will contribute to the ongoing changes. They translate directly into global problems, such as the growing greenhouse effect caused by gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which translates into more frequent fires, rising seas and oceans due to melting glaciers and extreme weather phenomena. Pollutants that people get rid of, such as plastics, heavy and light metals and all kinds of oils, industrial fluids and pharmaceuticals, destroy hundreds of animal populations that are not adapted to their presence.

American astrophysicist and scientist, Adam Frank, claims that "...climate change is an accident in the process of development of our civilization. We didn't know this would happen, but we changed our planet. Who would have thought that a human would be capable of such things. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything about it. We have to make wise choices.”

We will strive for even better changes.

We choose a pro-ecological lifestyle, active recycling, supporting organizations and events that care about the environment! Join us today! When you choose Deskwise, you choose less waste.

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