Dlaczego większość regulowanych biurek dostępnych na rynku nie nadaję się do pracy?

Why are most adjustable desks on the market not suitable for work?

Why are most adjustable desks on the market not suitable for work?

Ignoring all technical and material aspects that have a direct impact on work comfort and aesthetic feeling. There is one key factor, apart from introducing movement into everyday work at the computer, for which electric desks were created.

This is your height! Not your friend's or colleague's, but yours!

You already know from our Ebook that when you work at a table top that is set too high, you are at risk of neck muscle contracture. Because it is customary to use one standard for everyone. The height of the tabletop is 72 cm, but everyone has a different body shape and preferences.

Now please look in the prepared table to see what height suits the sitting position for a 72 cm high tabletop.

That's right, 191 cm tall! If you have that much, that's good, but if not?

The mere fact of having an electric desk is not important if it cannot adapt to you. Of course, systematic movement is very important during work, but let's not forget that work tools should be adapted to us, and not the other way around.

Moreover, the chair cannot be adjusted to the height of the desk, as this will generate other problems related to body posture. More in our ebook.

Understanding the ideas of ergonomics and the meaning of our work, from now on, each Deskwise electric desk offers an extended range (59.5-125 cm) of tabletop adjustment as standard, so that a person of any height can work at it.

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