Co pomaga, a co przeszkadza w pracy przy biurku?

What helps and what hinders working at a desk?

What helps and what hinders working at a desk?

It has long been known that the workplace should be tailored to its "host". Each of us has a different way of working, uses different tools and fulfills our duties thanks to different systems. Some people write everything down in a traditional book calendar, others hang pieces of paper everywhere, and still others use notes on the desktop. There are endless ways. But what really makes work more effective? What helps and what hinders us when working at a desk?

  1. Boxes, pen cups, organizers, document containers, notebooks, sticky notes, stationery tools….

We need all this at work. However, it shouldn't always be on your desk. It's important that everything has its place. It is worth grouping smaller items and putting them in one drawer, such as chargers or pens, which can be placed in a nice container. Excess is distracting. Scientists have long proven that the more stimuli around, the harder it is to focus.

2. Appropriate width of the countertop.

A very important issue. It is important that the sizes of the countertops match well. When making your choice, it is worth taking into account the distance from the monitor. The optimal 40 cm will protect our eyes from excessive fatigue after several hours of work. It is also good to plan what should be on our desk. Is there enough space for a monitor, keyboard, mouse and calendar, or do we need more tools? Our desk tops are available in dozens of sizes.

3. Lighting

This element can either hinder or help. It is worth planning it well. There must be plenty of light at the desk, preferably near a window. Daylight helps you focus and is not tiring for your eyesight. Deskwise desks, equipped with an anti-collision sensor, can stand even with an open window. This sensor prevents a collision with an open window sash. It is worth setting up spotlights that are directed at the keyboard or our notes. Designer lamps with interesting bases are perfect for simple, elegant desks. Such items inspire.

4. The material from which the desk top is made.

This element may not be entirely obvious. But nothing is as annoying as a dirty countertop. Especially if it easily creates greasy marks. This is worth paying attention to. By choosing a desk covered with laminate, in addition to less frequent cleaning, we also do not have to worry about scratches. It is also worth paying attention to whether the countertop is covered with the Perfect Sense coating. It makes the countertop look exceptionally elegant, and additionally, it will not leave any greasy marks on it. What about wooden desks? It is worth ensuring that the surface of the countertop is covered with a layer of varnish, thanks to which it will serve us for years and keeping it clean will be very easy. Each Deskwise desk has properties that make a clean countertop a matter of just a few minutes.

To sum up, the tips mentioned above are just some of many. The most important thing is for everyone to work surrounded by things that, apart from being necessary at work, give them joy and do not distract them. An interesting lamp, a personal item, an elegant organizer can please the eye. It is important that there are not too many of these items. It is important that the desk matches not only the height but also the size of the top. A surface that makes it easier to keep things tidy is like the icing on the cake. You know best what helps and what hinders your work. Soon, our offer will include various accessories that will allow you to organize your workplace well, and our electric desks will accommodate all these things.

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