Co wykańcza programistów? Dobre biurko dla programisty na ratunek…

What exhausts programmers? A good desk for a programmer to the rescue…

The work of a programmer is associated with a comfortable job in a warm office and high earnings. However, few people look at it through the prism of health. As it turns out, working on a computer carries a high occupational risk. How to protect yourself against this? Can a good desk for a programmer actually help?

What you will learn:

  • Occupational diseases of programmers
  • Standing work - a step towards health
  • How to choose a good desk for programmers

Occupational diseases of programmers

It is not difficult to link a sedentary lifestyle with diseases. The first symptoms that come to mind are back pain, neck numbness and swollen legs. However, these are only symptoms. And ignoring them leads to the development of diseases.


Take a look below:

Degeneration of the spine

A progressive disease that causes wear and tear of the tissues that connect the vertebrae of the spine. It leads to chronic pain, inflammation and even disability.

Eye diseases

Dry eye syndrome leads to deterioration of vision and even loss of vision.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

A typical disease of office workers, manifested by pain in the wrist area that intensifies at night. It starts with tingling in the hands and even ends with weakness of the hand muscles.

Heart attack and stroke

Cardiovascular diseases that seriously threaten health and life.

So what to do to counteract them?

Standing work - a step towards health

3 out of 4 diseases mentioned above are directly related to a sedentary lifestyle. Nowadays, sitting is even referred to as "second smoking". It is the bane of our times, and even worse, the cause of lifestyle diseases.

And although it may seem trivial, the most effective medicine is standing.

Changing a sitting to a standing position while working activates over 300 muscles in the body, improves circulation and accelerates metabolism. This ultimately improves the functioning of the body and reduces the risk of occupational diseases.

This is why an electric desk for a programmer is such a good solution. It allows comfortable work in both positions and is practical in use.

What should you pay attention to when buying it?

A desk for a programmer – how to choose the perfect one?

When deciding to purchase such furniture, it is worth considering several factors.

These include:


The key to comfortable use of the furniture is the size tailored to your needs. Do you want to use a computer, printer, large monitor, store documents on it and still have room for coffee?

Remember about a large countertop. A length of approximately 150 cm should be enough.


Do you value comfort at work?

Choose a desk with a cut-out recess so you can slide up to the desk and rest your arms comfortably on the tabletop.


Will the desk be not only a place to work, but also a conference table in the office or a design space for several people?

Remember that the desk does not have to be against the wall. By choosing the right desk design, you can place it in the middle of the office.

Cable masking

Your desk must be clean, otherwise you can't concentrate?

Choose a desk with a cable masking option that organizes and hides cables.

Convenient height adjustment system

Are you going to change your position every 1 hour? On average 8 times/day?

Turning the crank can be tiring. Choose an electrically adjustable desk that will change its height in a few seconds.

Desk service

Do you like technological innovations?

Invest in a desk whose height can be adjusted using Bluetooth and a smartphone.

Additional lighting

Do you often work at night?

Choose a desk that has built-in LED strips or a place to install such lighting. Then your eyes will get less tired.


A good desk for a programmer is not only a step towards more efficient work. This is a basic element of health prevention, which is still not appreciated among office workers. Create a friendly and healthy work environment.

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