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The future of office work. Is it worth investing in desks?

The future of office work. Is it worth investing in desks?

The times we live in are constantly changing every aspect of our lives. Improvements are being made in almost all areas from week to week. Electronics has become a permanent part of our lives. In the balance of advantages and disadvantages, the former win. And very well. You need to make your responsibilities easier every day.

With every aspect of life constantly changing, what about working in the office? Does this format still work? Does a regular office still allow you to use your full potential? Does the environment in which we work influence the effects of our activities? Do we still need an office and a desk? Is it worth spending money on this seemingly ordinary piece of furniture?

Work, home, work, home. Many of us have been missing this system lately. The past two years show that these two places can complement each other in their functions. We don't need a desk to perform most of our duties. We do many things while traveling by train, using the phone, while walking, traveling, etc. The work becomes very dynamic. The only question is whether its quality is the same?

Putting the first desk in a room is always an event. This is a place where you should focus and calm down. Focus your thoughts on a specific task. It is easier for us to notice details, think them through and prepare everything perfectly. However, all this takes a lot of time, and as a result, eight hours of work, or even more, pass very quickly at the desk. When we fall into the so-called flow state [1] , we are focused solely on a specific goal. Time flies quickly and we don't notice that we spend so long in one position that we feel physical discomfort. Our back hurts, circulation decreases, we become sleepy. In such a situation, a modern desk with an adjustable top height is the solution.

Can a desk be modern?

Of course! Desks are a fantastic element of room decor. They are becoming more and more limited in their form - they have fewer and fewer cabinets, drawers, and are simple in their design - most office work is performed online. There is no need to store many things.

The desk of the future is also a smart desk. Yes, it sounds funny - but it's possible. First of all, it can be covered with a countertop that makes our life easier because it is resistant to dirt and greasy marks. The real innovation of such coatings, however, is that they are fully antibacterial and do not contribute to the multiplication of microorganisms.

As mentioned earlier, we do most of our duties on the run, doing several things at the same time. The advantage of this solution is constant movement. The desk of the future also allows for this. First of all, the system of actuators that allow you to smoothly raise and lower the countertops is a big advantage. It took some time to get used to working standing, it wasn't a quick process, but it happened. Work ergonomics has become important and not only do we understand it when working at a desk, but the desk itself reminds us of it.

A desk connected to an application is the answer to the needs of busy people who, absorbed in work, forget to get up. Our desk will remind us of this. Hi! Get up! Change your position! - isn't that special? Isn't it worth having furniture that will take care of our well-being?

And finally, the best part: the desks of the future automatically adjust to our preferences. They adjust according to our height, react to obstacles and remember settings. This feature is perfect for offices where employees are not tied to specific places. Where the desk is a tool used to implement specific projects and is not assigned to a specific person.

Is it worth investing in such desks? Yes! The future has already arrived and smart desks are commonplace. These solutions make life easier and make our workspace better, more beautiful and ergonomic. Working standing for a long time did not have many supporters. This started to change in 2005 [2] . Today, sitting-standing work is the norm, and smart standing desks help us with this.

Our offices are part of our lives, we spend most of the week there. It is not without reason that international corporations compete with each other in ideas for interior designs that will contribute to the better well-being of employees. Looking at this situation from the other side, our homes, after having to work in home office mode, have become offices. Smart desks will fit perfectly into your favorite home corner as well as into a modern, grandly designed office.

To sum up, working in an ergonomic and healthy position brings the best results. The future of office work may not be certain, but what is certain is that a desk gives us the opportunity to focus and do everything right. That's why it's worth helping yourself and investing in an intelligent electrically raised desk .

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