Panel sterujący nagrodzony RED DOT DESIGN AWARD

The control panel received the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD

Automatically and very quietly raised desk ?

Get to know the DPG1C Functional Control Panel with display designed for easy use and staying active throughout the working day.

Basic functions

✔️Desk adjustment with a button.
✔️Adjust the desk using your phone via Bluetooth.
✔️Automatic adjustment that must be activated in the app.
✔️Set the correct desk height value.
✔️Add 4 favorite tabletop height positions for sitting and standing work.
✔️Reminder functions via light bar.
✔️Messages on the panel.
✔️Great and unique look with Red Dot Design Award.

Define the intervals between position changes yourself and program them in the application in a very simple way.

You decide how often you want to be reminded to get up and how long to stand at your desk. Pre-configured intervals are also available, ready to use, or set your own.

We recommend starting your adventure with an electric desk by standing for 5-10 minutes every hour. This interval can be extended over time.

Note: Standing too long is also not good, neither extreme. It is the change of position between sitting and standing that will provide you with all the benefits. Balance matters.

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