Kolizja blatu z obiektami

Table top collision with objects

When working every day at an adjustable desk, sooner or later we will encounter situations where the desk, when going down, hits the top of a partially retracted chair, or when lifting it up, it catches on a windowsill, an open window or another element.

That's why an anti-collision system was created. Our frames come in three types:
- Analog
- Gyroscopic sensor

Analog - involves measuring the power value - if exceeded, it will stop the actuators and deflect them in the opposite direction for several centimeters.

- is a system based on crystals that generate electric charges under the influence of forces (e.g. compression). The signal is monitored and exceeding values ​​cause the actuators to stop and rebound in the opposite direction.

Gyroscopic - Desk sensor 1
, an external device with a gyroscopic sensor, has a size comparable to the cap of a pen and allows you to work immediately after connecting to the system (Plug & Play). The Desk Sensor 1 device is characterized by high sensitivity and stability, and operates regardless of load and temperature.

That's why our electric desks have a built-in analog anti-collision system as standard. For even greater security, we recommend combining at least two systems. It is possible to additionally equip our adjustable desks with a gyroscopic sensor. The Piezo system is available for larger projects or conference tables.

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