Biurko elektryczne, a poprawa jakości życia.

Standing desk and improving the quality of life.

Can an electric desk improve the quality of work? The answer is simple. Of course. But does this translate into an improvement in the quality of life? Let's check it together.

The human body is created to be in motion. Industrial and technological evolution is progressing so quickly that our bodies cannot keep up with the conditions we impose on ourselves.

What are these conditions?

We design our own world around the sitting posture:
public transport stops with places to sit, schools, offices, cinemas and a sofa at home in front of the TV.

Do you think this is an exaggeration?

So answer the question: how much time do you sit a day?

Count 8 hours at work and 2 hours at meals and about 3 hours resting, e.g. in front of the TV.

So how can our back not hurt after 8 hours of sitting still in a chair, if the correct posture for our body is upright or lying down.

Physiotherapists say that there is no such thing as correct sitting posture. This is essentially a wrong combination of words, because no sitting posture is correct for our bodies.

What can you do about it?

Scientific research shows that exercise during the working day has many benefits. Among other things, it increases productivity, reduces fatigue, and ensures a healthier and longer life.

That's why the height-adjustable electric desk was created - to allow people to move while working.

At Deskwise, we have additionally taken care of excellent style and design as well as a number of functionalities for the most demanding people.

Electric desk - how to work with it?

Of course, the purchase itself does not force you to stand at your desk all day. The key is to change and introduce movement during the day and at work . Therefore, we recommend standing for approximately 15 minutes per hour while working.

The beginnings are not easy because you have to get used to established patterns.

Therefore, it is a good idea to start with 5-minute sessions and then increase them gradually as your body begins to get used to working in a standing position. Be careful, standing while working can be addictive!

You will learn in this article how to properly position an office chair so that an electric desk is not the only option.

Electric desks and improving the quality of life - Summary

Tips to make working at a standing-sitting desk easier:

  • Make sure your body weight is distributed evenly on both legs.
  • Make sure your desk is suitable
    to a height appropriate to your height.
  • Use the desktop software
    and a phone that reminds you to get up.

PS - Did you know that you can burn over 300 calories a day by standing for 2 hours?

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