Blaty PerfectSense - odkryj dotyk na nowo

PerfectSense countertops - rediscover touch

Have you heard about countertops that do not leave fingerprints and are easy to clean? Hint - It's not about Forbo linoleum this time.

PerfectSense Topmatt laminates provide special haptic accents. They are distinguished by an exceptionally matte, velvety and warm surface that is resistant to fingerprints. The electron beam-hardened paint surface is resistant to wear, impacts and scratches. This allows use on horizontal and vertical surfaces with increased frequency of use!


- Fashionable, exceptionally matte, velvety and warm surface
- Very low gloss level
- Easier cleaning thanks to anti-fingerprint protection
- Resistant to wear, impact and scratches

Available in the Liv electric desk model and other custom-made furniture today!

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