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Parents - invest in your child's health

Round back, bowed head, forward shoulders and contracted chest... No. This is not a list of symptoms that appear in old age. On the contrary. These are symptoms that appear in children more and more often. It is estimated that posture defects affect from 30 to 60% of the population of children and adolescents in Poland. Parent! Do something about it.

Over recent years, children have started spending more time on the computer than before. According to data from the Center for Health Information Systems, approximately 18% of children and adolescents aged 0-18 have a deformed spine.

Approx. 50% of this number are children under 9 years of age. What's worse, up to 55% of all posture defects are practically invisible because they concern disorders of the upper and lower limbs.

The fact that someone has a headache, neck or leg pain is most often underestimated. Children don't even talk about it because they are afraid of their parents' opinions - "it's because of the computer and the phone"...

Therefore, it is not them who should be expected to develop the habit of correct posture, but themselves.

It is parents who most often decide on the choice of furniture for a child's room.

A chair adjusted to the correct posture, comfortable for the spine , and an electrically adjustable desk that promotes good posture are rare.

Does my child need help?

Although it may seem that this is a periodic problem, because a child is on the move more until the age of 8, and then in the teenage years he spends time away from home anyway, it is worth quoting some data.

According to researchers, the critical periods for developing posture defects are between the ages of 6 and 7, 11-13 in girls and 13-14 in boys. This is a period of growth spurts when the child is particularly susceptible to the influence of various external factors.

In practice, this means that even short-term exposure to incorrect posture during the day ultimately affects the child's health.

This is an urgent matter because postural defects can lead to:

· Frequent respiratory infections

· Migraines

· Low back pain

· Frequent degenerative changes

· Lung ventilation disorders

· Bone tissue metabolism disorders

· Development of diaphragm defects

· Scoliosis

· Flat feet

· A lopsided gait

It's all about the computer...

We are still looking for solutions to protect the spine. Most often, however, we are discouraged from sitting in front of a computer…

However, he is not the main culprit.

For we sit:

· 8 hours at school

· Up to 2 hours with meals

· Up to 3 hours in front of the TV

· Up to 1 hour when traveling by car/bus

And as we know, chairs at school, in the bus or in the dining room are not the most comfortable and are not suitable for a certain average person, as everyone has a different body shape.

They often do not support proper posture because they pinch the lower legs, pinch at the level of the thoracic vertebrae or are too low, causing slouching.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the child's room is comfortably furnished so that he or she can not only use it comfortably, but above all develop the habit of correct posture in the place where he or she spends most of the time.

Thanks to this, everywhere else will also use this habit.

How to prevent posture defects? Electrically adjustable desk...

It is crucial to ensure that the child has an active work space that acts preventively. A well-chosen ergonomic office chair and an electric desk activate deep muscles. These stabilize bone and ligament structures.

As a result, the deep muscles are stimulated, and the child does not even notice that he is "training".

A desk with electrical height adjustment is an important element of the equipment of such a space, because thanks to it you can not only prevent defects, but also help get rid of them.

The smoothly adjustable height of the desk top and its use at work stimulates the muscles without making it difficult to use the computer or work on the worktop.


If you want to protect your child from problems due to poor posture, make sure you create a space that will help him develop good habits. A functional desk and a comfortable armchair will also be useful.

Are you looking for furniture that promotes good posture? Check out the Deskwise offer for an electrically adjustable desk.


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