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New challenges for parents and students – hybrid learning

September is back to school time. Although so far September 1 meant a grand assault on educational institutions, recent global events have prepared us for the hybrid learning model.

In practice, the kids spent more time at home than at school. And although no one could have predicted it a year ago, it is worth preparing for it now.

Although we are mentally ready for various scenarios, there is another issue at stake - the equipment and arrangement of the student's room.

Room arrangement – ​​what is worth thinking about?

There are several factors that influence the comfort of learning:

  • Lighting
  • Type of furniture and their arrangement
  • Out-of-school needs

Now we will deal with each of them.


The furniture should be placed close to windows so that sunlight falls on the desk during the day. It is worth installing a lamp emitting blue light on a movable arm above the desk. The lamp should be on the opposite side from the writing hand so that it does not cast a shadow.

Type of furniture and arrangement

The desk should be adjusted to the child's height so that the angle between the arm and forearm is 90 degrees when sitting. This has a key impact on maintaining the correct posture and ergonomics of learning.

An electrically adjustable desk that adapts to any height will be perfect for such purposes.

An office chair or chair should primarily support the lumbar spine and allow the legs to rest on the ground without any problems.

When arranging furniture, it is worth considering the issue of comfort when repeatedly getting up and sitting at the desk.

Out-of-school needs

The student's room should be arranged spaciously, so that in addition to the study area, you can play there, e.g. on the floor, relax, e.g. exercise, or relax with a book on a comfortable bed.

The bed should be placed away from the door, and a bedside table with a reading lamp should be placed next to it.

Room for a student - primary school, high school, university

Renovating a room is quite a challenge. Therefore, the arrangement should take into account the rapid change in the child's needs. Fortunately, there are solutions on the market that perfectly meet such needs.

As people age, they give up having fun and pay attention to quality, good taste and functionality.

Therefore, buying a plush armchair with stars is only for a short time.

It will be much wiser to choose durable furniture with a modern look and functional use.

A perfect example of this are Deskwise electric desks , the purchase of which is an investment for many years.


Equipping a student's room in today's ever-changing reality requires flexibility. Fortunately, it's easy to find products that fulfill this function.

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