Jak pracować przy biurku bez bólu pleców? Dobre wyposażenie biura

How to work at a desk without back pain? Good office equipment

Do you work at a desk? Are you fed up with back pain, stiff neck and migraines? Learn how to sit at a desk without back pain.

Office work generally seems simple. You sit comfortably, click something on the keyboard, sip coffee... You won't even get tired in such work...

Unfortunately, it's just a stereotype.

Working at a desk is a direct path to mental and physical fatigue. Although mental fatigue is easy to explain, can you get physically tired while using a computer?

Of course.

When we sit for a long time, the muscles in our upper back and neck become weaker, and those in our shoulders and chest become tighter. This scenario not only leads to fatigue and stiffness, but also to serious ailments.

What does incorrect sitting posture lead to?

Staying in this position for several hours every day:

· Causes headache

· Leads to bone tissue metabolism disorders

· Causes pain in the lower back

· It leads to the development of defects of the diaphragm, spine and degenerative changes

If you work this way, you probably know the feeling of numb legs, sore shoulder blades and your head falling forward.

So the question is, how to deal with this?

Office equipment - how to choose it so that it doesn't hurt...

There are many ways to help yourself.

You have already taken the first step. You are aware of the problem and are looking for a solution. This is very good because the next steps are much simpler.

Electrically adjustable desk

This seat is the main problem. This causes the muscles to go numb and the posture to change. Therefore, when working at a desk, it is very important to change your position regularly. Simply put: sit for 20 minutes, stand for about 8 minutes, then walk/move for another 2 minutes.

Our muscles can only stand for 20 minutes in a sitting position, then we slump in the chair, which is why changing the position is so important.

To make this cycle less burdensome, it is worth investing in an automatically adjustable desk. You will find them here.

Comfortable armchair

When working in a "sitting-standing" cycle, we will be sitting 50% of the working time. That's why it's worth thinking about a contoured seat.

Ergonomic seats have a built-in innovative leveling system that provides support for the body and adapts to the needs of the spine.

A good chair is one that is adjusted to the figure, does not press into the lower legs, stabilizes the sitting position, activates the sacral spine, supports the thoracic spine and has a built-in head support system so that the neck can rest.

Are you looking for such a chair? You will find it here.

Monitor holder

When sitting at a desk, we most often look at a monitor that is below the line of sight. For this reason, we continue to look down and not forward.

From an anatomical point of view, this causes constant tension of the neck and periclavicular muscles. Effect? Stiff neck, which often causes headaches.

To solve this problem, just place the screen at eye level when looking straight ahead.

If you are working on a laptop, place it on a stand, and if you are using a monitor, mount it on a holder.

You can find a model that compensates for the weight of the monitor, making it easier to move it, here.

Something instead of a chair...

You've probably seen in a movie or somewhere on the Internet that in some companies, employees sit on large balls. This seating model promotes correct posture because it forces us to maintain a stable position.

Such a ball is a great idea for people who want not only to improve sitting comfort, but also to develop the habit of maintaining correct posture. Unfortunately, it cannot be treated as an alternative to a decent armchair.

Unfortunately, football also has its weaknesses. First of all, it takes up a lot of space and is easy to puncture.

Therefore, it is better to choose the multifunctional Ballo stool , which works like a ball and at the same time is much more durable.

Some practical tips

· Take breaks and walk during this time - it will relieve your back and improve circulation.

· Use footrests - this will improve blood flow in your legs.

· Do not place a basket, printer or cables under the desk - this reduces the usable space and causes discomfort.

· When you see that you are sitting incorrectly - pull your shoulder blades together, lower your shoulders, straighten your head, pull in your stomach and glue your lower back to the chair.

Office equipment

Since we're working at a desk, let's do it properly. Well-selected office equipment helps not only take care of your health, but above all increase your work efficiency.

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