Jak wspomagać efekty fizjoterapii ?

How to support the effects of physiotherapy?

This text is a kind of guide to a resolution that can positively affect the quality of life. Everyone is usually attracted to a desk with an adjustable top after having had various health experiences, ailments, treatments, etc. It is obvious to use the services of physiotherapists, rehabilitation and various types of therapies that will improve our functioning. So how can you make their effects long-lasting? How to ensure that the basis of manual therapy will allow for long-term changes in the quality of life and work? The answer is simple: movement. For example, thanks to desks with an adjustable top, it is very easy to incorporate it into your daily duties.

The spine and the rest.

At some point in their lives, 85% of people experience lower back pain. Most of them disappear after about 3 months, but the symptoms often recur. Interestingly, in the USA, as much as $40 billion is spent annually on the treatment of lower back pain. This condition is also the most common reason for issuing a disability decision.

What is the treatment of the tissues responsible for pain in the lower parts of the spine? The rules are the same as for other tissues:

  • Determining and removing the causes of pain, e.g. poor body posture.
  • Pain reduction.
  • Maintaining overall fitness.

Your body will thank you.

Therapy is aimed at causing specific effects in the body, exercise can replace any medicine. Exercise increases coordination and stimulates our body systems. Regular training increases body awareness and improves balance. Motor memory is also important, developed through regular exercise, it allows you to better perform various activities in everyday life. The goal of physiotherapy is, among others, restoring muscle function. It is therefore worth exercising regularly, it improves blood circulation and reduces susceptibility to fatigue.

Three elements are necessary to achieve correct and conscious body posture:

  • Stable muscular system.
  • Strong joints.
  • Correct flow of stimuli.

Movement affects all body systems. It regulates and maintains all functions. Daily activity is the best prevention. Good movement patterns, changes in stimuli and various loads should be consolidated every day. Good habits and awareness improve our entire lives.

Therefore, it is worth remembering the principles of ergonomics on a daily basis. This will ensure that various body systems are not overloaded and we will remember good movement patterns. Changing the height of the tabletop means that we do not overload the spine. Breaks from sitting work relieve the spine. It is worth doing them at least every 45 minutes. The most common example is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It is important not to consolidate repetitive activities. Vary your movements, for example: if you do the same activities every day, try not to do them identically - change sides, bend your knees and change movements - vary your muscle memory,

Movement is the best way.

The conclusion is simple. The best way to consolidate the effects of physiotherapy is movement. It is worth practicing regular exercise and maintaining daily habits that encourage you to diversify your duties. Electric desks and ergonomic chairs will be very helpful in everyday work.

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