Jak siedzieć przy biurku? Wyrób sobie nawyk prawidłowej postawy…

How to sit at a desk? Develop a habit of correct posture...

Even though we usually know that keeping a straight posture while working works to our advantage, we still often sit twisted like streamers... Why does this happen? Because we do not have the habit of returning to the correct position. And how to make it?

Maintaining an upright posture at the desk is a very important element of ergonomic work. Thanks to this, the spine does not suffer and at the same time:

  • Work efficiency increases
  • Improves concentration
  • We act preventively for the health of the entire body
  • We oxygenate the body better
  • We prevent unwanted muscle tension

It is worth working in the right position. That's more than certain.

But talking alone is of no use, because at work we don't remember to keep our posture straight.

So what to do?

The solution is a few simple ways to remind yourself when and how to return to proper posture.

How to sit at a desk – where to start?


It is worth observing what habits we have already developed and comparing them with the model of correct sitting posture.

Some of us tend to lean only with the thoracic spine, others sit with one leg over the other, and still others with their heads hanging forward and their shoulders falling forward.

Although it is not visible at first glance, it is the details that determine the overall attitude. These types of habits are developed over the years and everyone has them.

Often, even incorrect posture does not cause symptoms in the form of pain, which causes us to downplay the problem.


If we do not want muscle degeneration and injuries to occur in the future, it is worth acting now.

So let's start with correct posture. See what it should look like:

And although you may have improved your sitting position now, the problem is not in not knowing this pattern, but in simply forgetting to sit like this.

Therefore, below you will find several methods to fight it.

How to sit at a desk? – A method to develop the habit of correct posture

First, let's learn a simple pattern for impeccable posture.

To make the silhouette correct:

  • Straighten your back
  • Retract your shoulder blades
  • Pull your arms down
  • Stretch your arms up and down
  • Lift your chin up
  • Gently pull your belly in so that you can breathe freely

And now a few ways to develop the habit of proper posture:

  • Set yourself a reminder/alarm every 25 minutes with the description: IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE.
  • After correcting your posture, consciously maintain it for at least 3 minutes to allow your muscles to get used to it.
  • Place a mirror in your workplace and look at your reflection from time to time and correct it if you see incorrect posture.
  • Get up from your desk for a maximum of 5 minutes after 45 minutes of work.
  • Do exercises to stretch your spine after work: child pose, bend your hands to your feet with your knees straight.


The solution to the problem of recalling and correcting posture is to invest in an electrically adjustable desk from Deskwise.


Because the Deskwise app has a built-in reminder to change your position while working. Thanks to it, you will be regularly informed about changing your position. And then, with just one click, the desk will turn into a high tabletop at which you can comfortably stand and work.

This is the best option for your back. This will not only improve your posture, but also improve circulation in your body, which of course has many health benefits.


If you find that you have trouble maintaining proper posture, these tips will take you one step closer to better health. Use them and improve your workplace. A desk with electric adjustment and a reminder system will work great in this role.

Check out the Deskwise offer for electrically adjustable desks with a reminder system .

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