Jak dbać o meble drewniane w domowym biurze?

How to care for wooden furniture in your home office?

Do you work from home? You see how the desk, cabinets and armchair simply deteriorate over time. Learn how to care for your furniture to extend its life.

Wooden furniture is usually very durable and looks great. However, their shine quickly fades away when they are treated as work tools.

People working in the home office model know this very well. Overloaded shelves, packed cabinets and desks collecting everything they can - this is a typical picture of a home office.

In such conditions, even the most durable material will feel it.

So how to care for wooden furniture?

5 brilliant and simple tricks that will extend the life of your furniture

Method 1 – Away from heat sources

High temperatures are unfavorable for wooden furniture. They lead to reduced durability of the glue used to connect furniture elements, and even to deformations.

Place furniture at least one meter away from the heat source (fireplace, radiator). If they are on a heated floor, place felt pads under them.

Method 2 – Use washers

A rather trivial, but often forgotten method of protecting furniture. Even a few cups of coffee and tea can accumulate on the countertop in your home office every day. And this is a direct path to stains and discoloration.

Place several stands on wooden desks and use them every day. You can also place large pads so that the kids won't get the furniture dirty, even if they paint on it.

Method 3 – Ventilate the room

The amount of water in the air is important for the durability of furniture. And at home, cooking and using the bathroom can easily cause increased humidity.

Air the office for at least 1 hour every day.

Method 4 – Clean the furniture with an appropriate agent

Wooden furniture is preserved with oils, stains and waxes. Harsh chemicals can quickly destroy these coatings.

When cleaning furniture, choose mild milks, preferably with wax.

Method 5 – Buy good quality furniture

It is especially worth mentioning the desk, which is very vulnerable to damage while working. Fortunately, there is furniture available on the market that is not afraid of the hardships of a home office, e.g. those from Deskwise.

Our company's electrically adjustable desks are:

  • Equipped with a hygienic top with antibacterial and antistatic properties - which increases work safety and makes it easier to keep clean.
  • Covered with a special countertop coating that does not leave fingerprints.
  • Made of solid wood, which reduces the penetration of dirt into the wood.
  • Resistant to deformation in contact with high temperature.


By taking care of the furniture, we extend its lifespan, so we do not have to quickly invest in new ones. And if such a piece of furniture is not only durable, but also ergonomic, it will fit perfectly into a home office.

Check out the Deskwise offer for electrically adjustable desks, perfect for a home office.

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