Czym różni się Deskwise od "budżetowych zamienników”? O tym nie wiedziałeś!

How is Deskwise different from "budget alternatives"? You didn't know that!

You made a decision. You need a desk. Depending on what you have so far (a massive mahogany exhibit tailored to the President of the USA or a piece with a cardboard top from a supermarket that you assembled yourself), you say enough is enough!

You want the new one to be modern, reliable and adjustable. Simply tailored to the equipment you use: smartwatch, phone or laptop.

You seem to know everything, but after entering the phrase "electrically adjustable desk" you are interested in, it turns out that... not entirely.

Why is it that in popular stores you can get the item you want for about PLN 1,000, and the prices at Deskwise are PLN 2,500 and up?

Your nature tells you: "I would save money!", but your mind tells you to find out what is behind it, because you realize that ergonomics, quality of workmanship and reliability that you can rely on are equally important factors in the choice.

Then let's check it out!

Buy a fake iPhone and put an apple sticker on it

It sounds a bit provocative, but that's more or less what comes to mind when I hear the idea of ​​choosing an electric desk from popular stores instead of a reputable manufacturer such as Deskwise.

It's not just about the brand itself, but the style, quality of workmanship and the philosophy behind our products. This philosophy is, above all, “work smart, work for health”. Just knowing that you have an electrically adjustable desk doesn't solve anything. Quality doesn't matter if it's not perfect.


Convenient adjustment for your health

What users of cheap substitutes for electrically adjustable desks complain about is the height adjustment, which works really great... for the first month of use.

Of course, you can say that it doesn't bother us that the tabletop lifts abruptly, "along the way" irritatingly jamming and jerking, but let's be honest... such self-deception must end in helpless crying with coffee spilled on our shoes, because the desk "jerked" while being lifted and played a trick on us.


Quiet and smooth operation with Deskwise

Lifting Deskwise desks will be smooth both on the first day of use and after many months of use. Moreover, double tilting the control panel in a given direction will automatically raise or lower the desk top to a previously saved favorite position, perfectly suited to your height. You won't find this function in popular discount desks.


In addition to ergonomics, durability is important

In everyday work, in addition to ergonomics, durability is also important, which is why two motors hidden in the columns of Deskwise desks can carry a weight of up to 150 kg, which means that in practice we do not have to think about what we will place on the countertop. Regardless of whether it is one heavy monitor or two gaming monitors and an audio set.

For comparison, companies offering cheap substitutes with a load capacity of 60 kg often mislead their customers by declaring that such a load capacity is a feature of a premium desk.

In short, in the case of a desk that is a cheap substitute, you risk :

  • short operating time due to frequent failures
  • step action of the motors lifting the tabletop
  • poor engine performance, even threatening to burn them out
  • noisy and irritating work in the long run

However, with Deskwise you gain what is most valuable: your time. You save your nerves because the mechanism works quietly, smoothly and flawlessly, and you don't have to break your concentration.

You have enough noise in your everyday life and you don't want to have another "jet taking off" above your ear, right?


Home office, i.e. feel at home at work

If you have reached this point in the post and are on our website, you probably know how important it is to change your position during the working day .

In the times of home office, it has become especially important to feel as comfortable during your duties as before in your own home. When it comes to adjustment and adjustment in a standing position, our electric desks have a standard height of between 59 cm and 125 cm, which allows them to be perfectly positioned for both the smallest and tallest users.

However, cheaper desks are made for everyone and no one - their adjustment range is quite modest and it may turn out that we will be doomed to settings that are not only not comfortable for us, but downright harmful.

As you know, the average Kowalski does not exist, and you will be at the desk, not the "average" everyman, a discount store customer to whom the offer of budget adjustable desks is addressed.

If you just thought to yourself: "well, maybe so, but somehow I can do it", imagine that for some reason you ignore good advice from experts when choosing a new bed. A voice that tells you that what you use every day should serve you and be of the highest possible quality.

Anyway, you decide to save on a place to sleep, where you spend about 6-8 hours every day, which means you don't get enough sleep, you walk around in pain and in a bad mental condition...

An inappropriately selected desk can cause similar "headaches". (Bah! If only the heads…). For the record. Most of us spend at least 8 hours at work every day (that's as much as a good night's sleep), and for many it's even 10 or 12 hours.

And I don't take into account the time spent watching cat videos on YouTube in my free time, I take into account the work itself. It may turn out that you spend more than half of each day at your desk!


“I want to spend half my life in any way” - said no one ever!

If you want, you can check below which adjustment is right for you, but you prefer to work ergonomically and not harm your health during hundreds of hours "at the desk" a month:

Source: based on research by Berkeley University of California, University Health Services Tang Center, Be Well At Work Faculty/Staff Ergonomics: Tips for Sitting and Standing at the Computer.


Hey, get up!

Well, you have to get up to work, but when? How long to sit? Is that it?

Relax. With the Deskwise desk application, your private assistant will remind you to get up and sit down , all in a way adapted to your body weight. Comfortable and healthy!

An alternative to cheap desks from the supermarket? A colleague from work or a member of your household tells you from time to time: stand up, sit down, stand up... It's a joke, of course, but after all, the point is to change your position, not to constantly stand or sit, and this is rather certain when we are absorbed by responsibilities and nothing else. it doesn't remind us that it's time for a change.

Work smart, work for your health!

The final decision to choose a desk is yours. My intention was to quickly show you that it is not worth saving on your health and work efficiency .

In the end, if you choose a cheaper solution... you will pay anyway, whether it be annoyance, repair costs, or even the purchase of another desk, or simply a reduction in the efficiency of your work.

Work smart, work for your health is not only our motto. You can work this way too! We have presented the idea as briefly as possible in the e-book.

If you want to learn more about it, I encourage you to download it for free below, and if you have any additional questions, please visit the contact tab.

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