Jak biurko z elektryczną regulacją pomaga w pracy hybrydowej?

How does an electrically adjustable desk help with hybrid work?

Can an electrically adjustable desk improve hybrid work? Will employee satisfaction increase if the employer invests in furniture tailored to the "new work models"?

The last 2 years have changed the working model of most of society. While so far most companies operated in stationary mode, remote and hybrid work has recently become the leader.

Employers are moving away from "keeping" employees in offices because it turns out that their efficiency increases when they can do their work in the comfort of their own home or in a cafe.

Currently, hybrid work is being talked about more and more often. From the employer's point of view, it looks really good.

According to statistics, 85% of employers positively assess the effectiveness of hybrid work.

From the employee's point of view, the "hybrid" also benefits.

Up to 23% of employees may refuse to work if it is only done stationary.

Currently, the numbers speak clearly.

Hybrid work will stay with us for a long time, as as many as 56% of employees want to work this way.

But has anything changed apart from the form of work?

Yes. It's about arranging the workplace.

Office space still needed…

Even though we spend less time in offices, we still need office equipment just as much. So regardless of whether we are at work or at home, a functional desk and a comfortable chair are worth their weight in gold.

Especially in the case of people who do not have such equipment at home.

However, the change in the work model also created new needs. One of them is functional office space for team and individual work in one.

Another trend is office space conducive to efficient work.

What do the statistics say about this?

As many as 58% of employees appreciate an ergonomic chair and a functional, electrically adjustable desk at work.

In practice, this resulted in a more ergonomic use of office space and equipping it with functional equipment that serves several purposes.

A perfect example is an electrically adjustable desk that can perform three functions:

· Individual workstation

· Conference table for meetings with clients

· Brainstorming center for team design

It is estimated that as many as 40% of surveyed companies want to "improve the office". According to their analyses, the improvement of office space will translate into:

· Increasing work efficiency

· Lower costs of business trips

· Lower employee turnover

· Higher employee satisfaction

· More efficient internal communication

· Lower rent costs

· Increasing work ergonomics

· Increasing employee satisfaction with work and family life

As you can see, there are many benefits.

So far, every third company has already used it, and every tenth is considering purchasing ergonomic office equipment.

Electrically adjustable desk and hybrid work - summary

The world and work model are changing irreversibly. This is an opportunity for employers who can not only improve the functioning of the company, but also gain greater credibility and sympathy from employees. Equally important are non-obvious benefits, such as greater satisfaction with employees' private lives or lower costs of business trips.

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