Hot desking. Wady i zalety.

Hot desking. Advantages and disadvantages.

Work in the office has entered a new direction. Virtually everyone has realized that most duties can be performed remotely. At the same time, however, there is a growing trend for changes in office spaces. What is hot desking ? This is the change. Hot desking involves, to put it simply, the use of one desk or workstation by different people. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this solution?

One desk - many possibilities.

It is easy to conclude that industries that deal with new technologies, creating certain solutions or creating new products are focused on all kinds of innovations in the field of everyday duties. The main advantage of using one desk by several people is saving space and reducing business costs [1] . This is the most common argument in favor of this method of work. Each computer station generates costs. As part of desk sharing, while some people perform their duties from home, the others can use the workstations in the office and then switch the next day. It often happens that in order to avoid crowds in the office, employees are divided into groups, then some desks are empty - hot desking limits such "underutilization of space".

From a different perspective, sharing a workstation encourages employees to organize their time better, be more flexible and reduces the amount of documents collected. If there is no place to store them, this has a direct impact on saving paper because printing everything turns out to be unnecessary. It is also worth emphasizing that hot desking is part of the theory that assumes increasing the diversity of work styles. Its author was Eric Veldhoen. [2] Activity Based Working is an innovative work organization system, the basis of which is to provide employees with a diversified work space and enable them to use a wide range of tools. This makes employees more mobile. This results in, for example, shared desks.

Hot desking is perfect for offices where working hours are flexible or many employees are employed temporarily. Sharing desks allows for faster exchange of ideas between company departments or between different companies if the office is rented. The possibility of integrating employees with each other is invaluable here; a good atmosphere at work is essential for reliably fulfilling one's duties and creativity.

Does this solution have any disadvantages?

Hot desking will not work in professions where daily access to documents and your own computer is necessary. Such a profession is, for example, accounting or legal professions.

A psychological disadvantage may also be employees being overwhelmed by the lack of their own place and constant change. Many people appreciate the ability to place private items on their desks. Having your own place provides comfort and gives you a sense of peace, which significantly improves concentration. It is also worth paying attention to communication between employees, not having their own place may hinder communication and lead to misunderstandings.

What should a hot desking workplace look like?

It must be universal. It must be comfortable for every user. Must adapt to various work styles and diverse tasks. Height-adjustable desks are taking the office market by storm. Quiet, smoothly operating frames easily adjust to the user's height. The ability to connect to the application allows you to remember your desk settings, and the simple and elegant appearance makes them perfect for individual work and meetings. It is important that such a desk is always tidy and ready for work, so it is worth using accessories such as cable entries, compartments or magnetic remote controls, thanks to which they can be easily mounted under the tabletop.

Hot desking has as many supporters as opponents. However, this trend is upwards. It turns out that it is easier for subsequent generations to adapt to this mode of work - without attachment to a place, but rather with attachment to a specific activity or task. Hot desking is particularly appreciated in large cities, where renting office space is expensive. It is worth using solutions that allow for flexibility and at the same time improve the quality of work. Is hot desking like this? This is an individual matter, but a desk should always be a high-quality product. No matter what work system we choose.

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