Biurko elektryczne z pamięcią. Wydajniejsza praca w biurze.

Electric desk with memory. Work more efficiently in the office.

The electric desk is slowly becoming part of office design standards. These are functional, durable and attractive furniture. However, this does not mean that this project is not evolving. A perfect example of this is the save position option. Discover the electric desk with memory.

What you will learn:

- What is an electric desk with memory

- How it improves work

Electric desk with memory – what is it?

Electrically adjustable desks have become a permanent part of ergonomic work standards. The ability to adjust the height of the tabletop has a positive effect on work efficiency and the employee's well-being.

However, sometimes there are opinions that constantly adjusting the height of the desk to different needs is burdensome.

To solve this problem, modern desks have a built-in system for remembering "favorite" positions.

Thanks to this, you can fully automate the regular and consistent change of working position from sitting to standing in literally a few seconds.

An electric desk with memory is a step towards improving ergonomic work while minimizing any inconvenience.

How does a memory desk help you at work?

Deskwise desks have a built-in quick desk service system. Thanks to this, changing the height of the tabletop is a result of one click and always to a height suited to your needs.

Here are instructions on how to program the desk:

1. Save your favorite positions in the application connected to the desk, i.e. the height of the table top for standing and sitting positions.

2. After double-clicking in the direction we choose, the tabletop will automatically start changing its height.

As you can see, the whole thing is very simple.

The key advantage of this solution is the fact that we save time on constantly adjusting the height of the tabletop, which is very important when consistently changing the working position.

If during an 8-hour working day we change our position every hour, i.e. 8 times, constantly setting the selected height could be irritating.

Built-in memory solves this problem.


Are you striving to design your office in line with the latest trends in work ergonomics? An electric desk with memory is a solution you should consider. Comfortable work, higher efficiency, less time wasted.

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