Koncentracja w pracy przy biurku. Jak utrzymać ją na stałym poziomie?

Concentration while working at a desk. How to keep it constant?

Currently, when all information is available at our fingertips and stimuli reach us constantly, concentration has been considered the so-called Ultimate . This is how Eric Barker, author of business books, described it. [1] It's hard to disagree with this statement. Remote work forced everyone to combine work and home duties. It turned out that you can actually do all of them by working from home. The topic of home office is closely related to concentration, which is the topic of this article.

How to organize your work to maintain concentration at a constant, high level? The factors that influence this can be divided into internal and external. The former include, for example, whether we are well-rested and what our mood is. Motivation is extremely important - we must have a goal, then it is always easier to start. Another thing worth paying attention to is your stress level. External factors include all the elements that surround us. Below we present some of the most important tips that will be helpful when working at home and in the office.

  1. Set your priorities.

It's best to start working by creating a daily plan. Assign tasks according to the principle that the most difficult and important ones are best done at the beginning. Preparing such a list will work as a "ritual" before starting work, it will be an introduction to full concentration. It will also allow us to stop thinking about what awaits us later. It is worth marking what has already been done to assess the scope of work performed.

  • Tidy up your workplace.

The most important thing is to create a place that will be designated only for this purpose. Each of us uses different tools. It's good to have them at hand and prepare all the necessary materials for work. The temperature inside also has a significant impact on maintaining concentration, so it is worth ventilating the room regularly.

  • Get rid of "distractions".

Distractors include not only objects that can distract us. Distractions include, for example, regularly browsing social media, replying to messages, checking the e-mail box or reading the news. The best solution is to silence your phone and divide your work into work blocks and breaks, during which you can check e-mail or read something on the Internet.

  • Take breaks.

It is impossible to maintain concentration at a constant level without the breaks that are necessary for our mind to rest. It is worth eating a meal, looking out the window or moving your body during this time. An application that reminds you how much time you spent in one position and when it's time to change it will work very well here.

  • Change your working position.

When we feel inspired. The work goes quickly, but we do not notice that we spend several hours sitting. We feel that our neck and back hurt and we feel lethargic. It is worth working at a height-adjustable desk. Such an electrically adjustable desk will help us maintain healthy habits. Electric desks are now widely used all over the world. Due to the fact that maintaining employees' physical activity has a real impact on the company's revenues. Thanks to the electric control panels, it is very easy to adjust the appropriate height of the tabletop. In addition, thanks to connection with the application, the desk remembers the most convenient settings.

  • Don't forget about a comfortable chair.

Contrary to appearances , a chair for working at a computer is a basic topic. It is very important that it is set at the right height and that its backrest perfectly fits our back. A poorly selected chair may cause existing or new spine injuries and curvatures to worsen. It is worth paying attention to the lumbar section. It is important that this part of the back touches the backrest while sitting, thus relieving the spine.

There are many factors that directly and indirectly affect the level of concentration at work. Each of us knows best what conditions work is most comfortable in. However, it is worth using good quality furniture, such as a height-adjustable desk and an ergonomic chair that is comfortable for the spine , because thanks to them our body can better tolerate long-term stay in one position and we can focus on specific tasks and achieve the so-called deep work. [2] It is worth cultivating concentration as an ultimate skill, well-being during work affects its quality and effects.

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