Blat kompozytowy - sklejka

Composite table top - plywood

What is plywood?

It is a composite material glued from intersecting layers of wood. The material is made of various types of wood, most often birch, alder, pine, less often beech or exotic trees.

Does it make sense to compare plywood to MDF or chipboard?
The material in question has much greater bending, tensile, compressive and shear strength in the plane of the board than other wood-based products: MDF boards, OSB boards, fiberboards and carpentry boards.

Wood-based products, if they were to be of similar strength to plywood, would have to be at least several times heavier.

Advantages of composite - plywood

-has uniform mechanical properties across and along the sheet.

-high strength in relation to weight.

-low thermal permeability.

-high resistance of the material to cracking under dynamic loads, also in wet conditions.

-after soaking and drying, the plywood returns to its original dimensions,
- possibility of easy bending, profiling and shaping.

- universal use, from construction to the wood industry, furniture, aviation.

-environmentally friendly material.

-high aesthetic values.

- a natural material that is free from the defects of natural wood (repeatability and shape retention, better strength parameters).

- the raw material is produced without the use of non-renewable sources.

- very high durability, everyday furniture and even airplanes from the beginning of the last century can still be admired in museums around the world.

Plywood is a great material for furniture production, it provides greater durability than other wood-based materials at the same thickness. It is worth choosing high-quality plywood if it is to be used for furniture production due to its flaws and durability properties.

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