Płyta wiórowa, MDF - różnice. Która lepsza? Jaką wybrać?

Chipboard, MDF - differences. Which one is better? Which one to choose?

This is the first article in a series about the components we use to produce our amazing desks. We will present you the elements and materials we use to familiarize you with the full production process. Today we will mention the types of countertops and their properties.

Particleboard is a material made of pressed wood chips with the addition of synthetic resin using pressure and high temperature.

Chipboard is not suitable for contact with water, and when used in humid places, it causes deformation and delamination of the board. Due to the low density of the material, chipboard is easier to damage and destroy than MDF.

Advantages of chipboard:

  • Relatively lower price,
  • Good strength and insulation parameters,
  • It's light,
  • Possibility of refinement,
  • Large color options for laminates.

MDF board ( Medium density fiberboard ) is a material made of healthy wood fibers combined with synthetic amine resin. It is more expensive than chipboard, but it has more advantages, such as:

  • Cheaper than solid wood,
  • An ideal substitute for natural wood, it does not have structural imperfections usually found in wood (cracks, knots),
  • Very good durability due to the higher density of the material,
  • Plate connections (screws, sleeves) are much more durable thanks to higher density,
  • It has a smoother surface structure, making the finish more elegant, suitable for painting and foil covering,
  • Flexible, easy to shape,
  • The use of additives affects the properties (waterproof, fireproof, etc.),
  • Greater processing possibilities.

Disadvantages of MDF board:

  • Low resistance to humidity,
  • It's easy to scratch.

MDF boards used in Deskwise have a polymer layer applied under the varnish on the entire surface of the tabletop, thanks to which the board is protected against moisture and reduces the possibility of scratching it. It is finished with varnish, which gives it elegance and unique style.

The material you should choose depends mainly on the purpose, budget and type of furniture. In the case of computer desks, both chipboard and MDF will work. Without a doubt, in terms of quality, MDF countertops win. Mainly through higher durability and finishing effect that gives the product a high quality. Chipboard is a compromise between price and quality.

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