Sprawdź jakie korzyści wynikają z używania biurek Deskwise.

Check out the benefits of using Deskwise desks.

People who work sedentary for many hours are at a serious risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and, consequently, premature death.
Sounds drastic?

A sitting position deprives a person of any movement, so we gain weight while burning a negligible amount of calories. That is why desks with electrically adjustable tops were created, which allow you to work in both standing and sitting positions.

What is an electrically adjustable desk ?

It is a modern and ergonomic work tool that adapts to your height, allowing you to work comfortably at the computer.

Research conducted on adjustable desks shows that using them can have an amazingly positive impact on health. It can also increase human productivity.

Here are 7 benefits of using movable desks confirmed by scientists:

  1. You burn more calories when you stand, so you lose weight.
    Weight gain occurs when we consume too many calories and do not burn them. This means you need to burn more calories,
    than those provided to lose weight. The fact is that by working in a standing position for 2 hours a day, we can burn 200-300 calories, which means that in a week there will be as many as 1,000!
  2. Standing does not increase blood sugar levels.
    Research was conducted in 10 offices. Employees worked after lunch
    standing for 180 minutes, reducing as much as 43% more blood sugar than their sitting counterparts. A very similar experiment showed that if we change the position from standing to sitting and vice versa every 30 minutes, we reduce blood sugar levels by 11%. This is also a very good result.
    Conclusion: Introducing exercise, i.e. using movable desks that allow you to change the position from sitting to standing, reduces blood sugar levels after lunch.
  3. Standing lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
    Research has shown that conductors who work standing all day have a 50% lower chance of having a heart attack than their colleagues - train drivers who sit at work.
    Conclusion: The more time you spend sitting at work, the greater the risk of heart and circulatory system disease.
  4. Movable desks reduce back pain.
    Back pain and spinal curvature are the most common ailments of people who sit all day long. As many as 32% of employees who worked at electric desks stopped feeling bad back pain after just a few weeks.

    Conclusion: Electric desks can eliminate chronic back pain in employees dramatically quickly, within a dozen or so days.
  5. Movable desks reduce stress and increase energy.
    Research was carried out during which employees worked at desks with adjustable top height for 7 days. It turned out that they were less stressed and less tired than employees who sat all week.
    Moreover, as many as 87% of those using adjustable desks had an increase in energy levels and did not decrease during the day.
  6. Movable desks increase employee productivity.
    Research has shown that 60 young employees working at height-adjustable desks for 4 hours a day did not cause any decline in their productivity. Only they were much more efficient than their sedentary colleagues.
  7. Standing will help you live longer!
    Studies have shown that even 3 hours spent standing at work extends life by 2 years. The results of the experiment suggest that if sitting hours at work are reduced to a minimum, the risk of premature death is reduced, allowing you to live longer and healthier!

By reducing the time spent in a chair at work, we will help ourselves to be in better mental and physical condition, activate our metabolism and improve our well-being. That is why it is so important to also work standing. If you plan to start working at a Deskwise height-adjustable desk, it is recommended that you work sitting and standing for the same amount of time. Any extreme is bad, balance and movement are important!

source: healthline.com

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