Siedzenie aktywne. Chwyt marketingowy czy recepta na zdrowsze ciało?

Active seat. Marketing gimmick or recipe for a healthier body?

When we spend several hours in a sitting position, we experience back and neck pain. Sitting is not a natural position for the human body, and in fact, we spend most of our time sitting. At your desk at work, in the car, at various meetings or while relaxing at home in the afternoon. How to change passive sitting into active?

Strengthen the effects of training

We are all used to traditional, static seats, chairs, armchairs and stools. The ones we just sit on. Of course, each of us is aware of how important physical activity is. We try to balance the time spent at the desk and the time spent moving, but the former usually prevails. To enhance the effects of exercise and training, it is worth engaging your body in active sitting. what does it mean?

It might seem like an empty slogan, but it's worth thinking about for a moment. While sitting, our body, without any additional props, performs many smaller and larger movements, which are in fact intuitive or a spontaneous response to what is happening around us. Active sitting means deliberately engaging various body structures in order to relieve them, minimize discomfort, delay the feeling of fatigue and, consequently, maintain concentration.

Active sitting. How to do it?

The easiest way is to sit on the ball. This is probably the most popular way of active sitting. It will be equally good to choose a sensorimotor disk on which you can sit or rest your back. In fact, it relieves the spine and improves the blood supply to the intervertebral discs, which "love" movement. Correct body posture while sitting is crucial. It is important that the weight of the body does not rest on the tailbone. The legs should be slightly apart and the feet should be placed freely on the floor. There are many armchairs available on the market that support active sitting. It is worth paying attention to what mechanisms they use. Just profiling the backrest is not enough!

The right tool supports active sitting

The right seat harmonizes with the body. When shifting the balance, a chair equipped with appropriate mechanisms transfers the pressure on the spine to the center of the spine and there is no pressure at the edge of the surface. Constant movement in the pelvic area becomes a workout for the muscles. This makes the muscles more flexible and can support the spine. Thanks to this, we avoid the negative effects of incorrect sitting and spinal deformations.


Modern armchairs , not only office ones, are technologically well-thought-out. To benefit the aesthetics, designers give up various elements such as levers, regulators or knobs, etc. Modern armchairs use the principles of physics. Thanks to this, they perfectly adapt to the user's movements. This significantly increases the comfort of work or rest and does not affect fatigue and deterioration of well-being. Furniture manufacturers and sellers often use "active sitting" when advertising their products, but it is not an empty slogan. Making small but conscious movements has a positive effect on our body while sitting. It is worth trying it out on a ball to make a decision about purchasing a chair.

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